Kripalu’s onsite programs are canceled through 2020. Stay connected with us online. Donate now to help us re-open.

Kripalu Signature Programs

Developed with Love and Wisdom

Our guests constantly tell us that there is something special that happens here, and they feel it the moment they arrive. A positive energy. A nurturing feeling. A sense of connection and exploration.

Yoga on and off the mat

That special something is no accident. It is rooted in the wisdom tradition of yoga, as taught by Swami Kripalu, whose very name means compassion.

And compassion is where our approach begins. Offering kindness to ourselves and to others sets the stage for compassionate self-care.

We invite you to show up just as you are, open to the many possibilities of yoga. At Kripalu, we know that yoga is not just a series of poses, it is a remarkable and practical way of finding your center when navigating through the inevitable ups and downs of daily life.

So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself shining just a bit brighter and feeling a touch bolder when you return home. We happen to think that’s ‘Kripalu Signature’, too.

Upcoming Kripalu Signature Programs

Due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, we have made a decision not to reopen in 2020. This means that all programs at the retreat center will be canceled this year. Read more.

Our Faculty

Our faculty bring care, insight, and passion developed from decades of experience to every Kripalu Signature program. Each one is designed to help you experience this distinctive methodology, and return home with practical, empowering tools to weave into your daily life.

The Full Kripalu Experience

In addition to daily program sessions, a Kripalu Signature experience allows to enjoy everything a stay at Kripalu has to offer. Your cost per night includes:

Three daily all-natural meals from the Kripalu Kitchen.

Kripalu Kitchen
Hiking Access to over 100 acres of hiking trails, walking paths, and a private lakefront area.
Evening workshops, concerts, and events outside of your Kripalu Signature program sessions. Workshops
Sauna Use of our fitness room and sauna.
Daily movement classes (such as dance, tai chi, and—yes!—yoga). Yoga class
Kripalu grounds

The best views in the Berkshires.

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Enhance Your Stay

Kripalu Signature Healing Arts Services

Take time to attend to your personal needs and explore the state of your mind and body with the guidance of one of our skilled practitioners. Choose a Kripalu Sigature spa service, or explore the full menu of spa offerings.

  • Kripalu Meditative Massage
  • Kripalu Master-Level Massage
  • Kripalu Footwork
  • Kripalu Acupressure
  • Ayurvedic Facial
  • Kripalu Energy Balancing
  • Kripalu Master-Level Energy Work
  • Private Kripalu Yoga Instruction

Explore Healing Arts Services