Spice Up Your Life

Here's a look at the amazing properties of herbs and spices, and how to use them every day to enhance your health and enjoyment.

The Pathogen-Busting, Immunity-Boosting Power of Garlic

A universal medicine, garlic is not only delicious, but also has an impressive list of health benefits.

Kripalu Recipe: Savory Spice Blend

Keep a jar of this health-boosting blend on hand to sprinkle over roasted veggies, add to marinades and salad dressings, cook in rice or kitchari, and...

The Healing Properties of Ginger and 3 Ways to Use It

Pungent, sweet, and warming, ginger is the perfect antidote for chill and damp.

How to Take Turmeric: 10 Ways to Make Turmeric Part of Your Daily Diet

The bright yellow, herbaceous perennial known as turmeric, originally from South India, has America enamored with its oft-trumpeted health benefits.

Cooling Cardamom for Congestion, Indigestion, and More

These delicious pods are full of sweet and cooling seeds that kindle the digestive fire and help clear out excess mucus. And they're delicious in...

The Sweet Healing Power of Cinnamon

This sweet and heating bark is loaded with medicinal properties—and it’s tridoshic, which means it’s good for all body types.

Kripalu Recipe: Sweet Spice Blend

Consisting of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, this trifecta is a perfect accompaniment to any sweet dish, and it has tons of health benefits.

Boost Your Immunity with This Ayurvedic Honey, Turmeric, and Spice Remedy

This Ayurvedic remedy is a breeze to whip up—and it's delicious.

CCF: Ayurveda’s Miracle Tea

When it comes to your digestive system, this tea is a game changer.