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Awaken Your Inner Magic: Yoga and the Tarot

For all levels.

Explore and awaken your intuitive potential and inner magic with this inspired blending of yoga and tarot. Explore the archetypes and symbols of the tarot, which are deeply connected to intuition and collective consciousness using yoga, movement, and meditation. Through guided visualizations, journaling, and partner practice, you learn ways to access your “higher mind” while discovering the magical qualities that lie dormant within you.

In this program which focuses on the images from the Rider Waite Tarot deck, you learn how to

  • Reveal and embody the archetypes and suits of the tarot through yoga and movement
  • Ignite intuition using guided meditations with the Fool, High Priestess, and Empress cards
  • Work with intention and other practices that access higher mind and spark magic
  • Empower your senses and receive inner messages
  • Do mini readings for yourself and others.

Recommended reading Six Reasons Tarot and Yoga Blend Seamlessly for the Ultimate Master Practice and Awaken Inner Magic.

Note Please bring a Rider Waite Tarot deck to the program. There are decks and books available for purchase on-site in the Kripalu shop.

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Alison DeNicola is an award-winning author, yogi, and meditation teacher who has been teaching and exploring tarot for 15 years.

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Sasha Graham has authored seven books on tarot, teaches throughout the world, and hosts the Enchanted Kitchen, a cooking show inspired by tarot cards.

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