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Breath-Body-Mind Teacher Training Level 1 Certification • The Livestream Experience


Breath-Body-Mind™ (BBM) integrates ancient and modern trauma-sensitive techniques to rapidly balance stress-response systems for self-care and healing others. Developed by Integrative Psychiatrists, Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, BBM has proven benefits—for healthcare professionals, clients, patients, military, veterans, and child and adult survivors of mass disasters—and has been shown to increase resilience and reduce the effects of stress.  
Join Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg, along with other BBM senior teachers, for an online training that prepares you to bring these practices to individuals and small groups in an effective, safe, trauma-sensitive, and culturally-diverse manner. In this livestream experience from the Kripalu campus, you will: 
  • Deepen your personal BBM practice. 
  • Experience advanced practices such as the Heart Focused 4-4-6-2, the Great Harmonizer of Breath, and Open Focus Attention Training with Space Meditation.  
  • Learn how to teach core BBM techniques to individuals for stress, coping with COVID, anxiety, PTSD, military trauma, mass disasters, and more. 
  • Increase your understanding of neurophysiological effects of voluntarily regulated breathing practices on emotion regulation, bonding, and cognitive function. 
  • Practice teaching each technique while BBM teachers observe and offer suggestions for improvement. 
Attention is given to creating a safe container, tone of voice, pacing, accuracy of instruction, and trauma sensitivity. This training is suitable for healthcare professionals, coaches, therapists, yoga and meditation teachers, schoolteachers, military, first responders, EMTs, police, firefighters, disaster relief workers, service organizations, or anyone else interested in teaching these practices.  

Prerequisite Completion of the 12-hour BBM Fundamentals Course. 

Required reading Richard P. Brown and Patricia Gerbarg, The Healing Power of the Breath: Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration, and Balance Your Emotions (book + CD and e-Book)

Recommended listening 5-Breath Tones; and Coherence 2 Bells 60-minute MP3 track, available for purchase.

NOTE Participants who complete all sessions and who demonstrate competence in teaching BBM core techniques will receive Breath-Body-Mind Level 1 Instructor Certification. Those who are not able to demonstrate competence by the end of this training will receive a provisional certificate and be encouraged to attend additional weekly practice sessions online with group and individual coaching as needed to complete certification. If you wish to apply for CEs in your field, please submit your BBM Graduation Certificate with a letter of support from Dr. Gerbarg and Dr. Brown to your professional organization. 

NOTE Kripalu is delivering this livestream experience through a third party platform. When you purchase this program, you will be sent to and asked to create an account to complete your purchase and receive further details on accessing the program. All sales are final. All recordings will be available within 72 hours of the end of each session. You will have access to the video recording for 30 days after the program ends. 

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Richard P. Brown, MD, is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and a certified teacher of aikido, qigong, yoga, and meditation.

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Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College, researches the efficacy of mind-body practices for post-traumatic stress disorders and depression.

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