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Coping with Grief  A Healing Journey


Unresolved grief is an underappreciated element of our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The impact on the world during the pandemic and the deaths and losses we experienced—political divisions, financial strife, layoffs, and our global crisis—create tangible and intangible losses. Looking at life from what we have lost, we can see that unresolved grief is an underlying root cause that prevents alignment of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Join grief coach AmarAtma for a five-day program that offers a compassionate and self-loving way to grieve. Through journaling, somatic exercises, mindfulness practice, grief-releasing techniques, community building, and more, you will: 

  • Gently recognize, honor, and release feelings of grief. 
  • Identify unresolved grief that may be hindering your life.  
  • Gain skills for emotional regulation and nonreactivity.  
  • Learn techniques for immediate relief and letting go. 
  • Connect with others who are going through similar experiences.  
  • Reconnect to your inner guidance, self-love, and wisdom. 

Finish the program with practical tools and strategies that are easy to apply daily. Return home feeling lighter, with more significant relief and peace, and with resources that last a lifetime. Build community with others willing to learn more about how to make grief a life-changing process.  

NOTE This retreat supports anyone endeavoring to work on their grief through AmarAtma’s Face, Embrace, and Release methodology. It will incorporate techniques like the ones offered in last year's retreat and include active engagement in your grief process. Anyone desiring to work through unresolved emotional pain and grief that hinders their quality of life is welcome—regardless of the loss they have experienced. This program is not a substitute for therapy and is not run by licensed counselors. It may not be suitable if you are experiencing acute mental health challenges with ongoing professional mental health treatment. 

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Trauma and Grief


AmarAtma is a grief coach and board-certified chaplain. He holds a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine and uses a mind-body-spirit approach to teaching how to grieve and let go. 

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