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Creating Safer Spaces Embodying your Commitment to Trans Inclusion


Recent studies estimate that 1.6 million people in the United States identify as transgender and that number is likely to increase with more information and awareness-raising. Meanwhile we’re witnessing a soft genocide against the trans community in the form of an unprecedented amount of hate, anti-trans bias, and wide-sweeping legislation enacted across the country denying care and basic rights for trans kids, adults, and families. 

Join writer, digital strategist, and equity-inclusion facilitator Tristan Katz for a five-day immersive on campus program that deeply explores how to embody a commitment to equity, inclusion, justice, and liberation for trans, nonbinary, and queer community members. We'll engage in conversations—about intersectionality, social location, privilege, and proximity to power—and discuss how to create a meaningful culture-shift that honors the truth of gender for every individual. 

Through group conversation, discussion, guided meditation, restorative asana, and more, you will

  • Reflect on the construct of gender and its individual and collective impact.
  • Explore and practice ways to challenge our implicit bias and the assumptions we might make about one another’s identities.
  • Unpack ‘harm’—both how it manifests for our queer siblings and how we can engage in repair and healing.
  • Define what accountability really looks like.
  • Learn how to show up for meaningful allyship in action.

This program is suitable for all, including yoga teachers, wellness professionals, massage therapists, bodyworkers, mental health providers, and anyone working in healing spaces. Now is the time to show up and commit to trans allyship and solidarity. 

NOTE We have created Gender Expansive dorms with the explicit goal of providing a housing experience with a sense of belonging and community for trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer/gender non-conforming guests, as well as LGBTQIA+ guests and allies of those communities. Guests who select Gender Expansive dorms agree to live with and create a welcoming environment for students of any gender identity. To book this type of accommodation, please call 413.448.3500.

Prefer a weekend experience?

Tristan is also offering a weekend program called Trans Inclusion in Yoga and Wellness.

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Tristan Katz (he/they) is a writer, digital strategist, and equity-inclusion facilitator who specializes in education and consulting centered around queer identity and trans awareness.

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