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Experience the Divine A Channeled Workshop


Join award-winning author and channel Paul Selig for a deeply transformational, five-day channeled retreat. Paul and his guides will help you achieve new levels of healing, self-awareness, and life purpose. He will also demonstrate energetic attunements and practical techniques for developing and sustaining higher levels of consciousness. 

Learn techniques to take the next step in your spiritual evolution and reach your highest potential as you

  • Become attuned to a higher frequency that you can trust and feel 
  • Free yourself from patterns of limitation and fear 
  • Learn to send and receive healing energies 
  • Acquire tools to access your divine nature and transform your life.

There will be opportunities to receive individualized guidance to support you in moving through any physical and emotional blocks that may be keeping you from manifesting your own higher nature. The energy Paul works with is extremely palpable. His guides are wise and joyous teachers that deliver their wisdom in a non-traditional manner. 

Please join us for this transformational journey.

"I so highly recommend coming to be with Paul and the guides in person. For me, just experiencing the energy in the room is worth it, but on top of that, the material that emerges and the attunements are exquisitely powerful and transformative.” —Natasha S.

Included in Your Stay


Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Intuitive Development

What Happens in a Paul Selig Workshop?


Paul Selig is a writer, empath, and conscious channel whose workshops have won a large following around the world.

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