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Facilitating Transformational Workshops Group Dynamics and the Power of Presence


Join Ken Nelson, Lesli Lang, David Ronka and Jim White for a program designed for anyone interested in facilitating the wisdom of individuals and groups. 

Through role-plays, fish-bowl simulations, and case studies in mind-body learning, you will be guided to create the conditions for accountability, creativity, and positive change in your workshops, retreats, and trainings. Empower yourself and others to heal, grow, and awaken by cultivating trust—the foundation for safe inquiry and authentic dialogue. 

In this dynamic, interactive, and unforgettable training you will 

  • Get clear about your goals, strengths, and challenges 
  • Use the tools of intention, attention, agreements, and conscious communication 
  • Hone your skills to listen, reflect, encourage, and ask powerful questions 
  • Respond wisely to clear obstacles, upsets, and confusion with skillful interventions. 

The challenges of our times call on us to stop chasing the expert. Create wise groups instead. When you are present, not perfect, you set the stage for inclusive solutions and sustainable results. 

Note This program is suitable for anyone interested in the art and science of holistic learning, and is part of a comprehensive, three-part training series. Each training in the series can stand alone or be taken in any order. Visit life-changingworkshops.com for more information. Tuition includes a training workbook. 

Recommended reading This training is based on the book Designing & Leading Life-Changing Workshops: Creating the Conditions for Transformation in Your Groups, Trainings, and Retreats. You can purchase the book at Kripalu’s bookstore or ahead of arrival.

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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All Self-Discovery


Ken Nelson, PhD, Kripalu Legacy Faculty member, is dedicated to helping people heal, grow, and awaken with mind-body practices and the wisdom traditions.

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Lesli Lang, BA, is committed to supporting people in their quest for authenticity, creative freedom, and full self-expression. She is a truth seeker who brings to her work a lifelong exploration of deep wisdom, meditation, yoga, and the expressive and healing arts.

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David Ronka, EdM, is a workshop coach and facilitator committed to honoring both the analytic and creative sides of the brain in the design and delivery of transformational learning experiences.

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