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The Five-Element Orchard Energy from Trees

For everyone.

There is something magical about the forest. When we venture into the woods and walk among the trees, we enter another world—a place that can feel safe and comforting, a place to feel healed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

The Five-Element Orchard acknowledges that certain trees—these powerhouses of life-affirming gifts—are associated with specific elements: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Join John C. Platt to “breathe the air of trees” and tap into this incredible power source as you learn

  • How the energy of specific trees can benefit different organs and emotions
  • A five-element practice that includes postures and breathing methods
  • Ways to identify the right trees for greater energy and emotional balance.

Kripalu’s gorgeous grounds, surrounded by old-growth forests, provide a perfect environment for you to step into the trees and experience a world of beauty and inner peace.

Note Be prepared to engage in outdoor activities in wooded areas and dress accordingly.

More About the Five-Element Orchard
The five elements are a comprehensive way to organize all natural phenomena into five aspects of nature: metal, water, wood, fire, and Earth. Each of these is associated with a season of the year, a color, a taste, an internal organ. For example, fire is associated with the color red, the season of summer, and the heart. The five-element theory is embedded in Taoist culture, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, and is the foundation for Chinese feng shui, qigong, and the martial arts. The Five Element Orchard refers to the fact that different trees are also associated with a specific element. The apple tree, for instance, is associated with the element of fire, thus there is a connection to the heart, the emotion of love, and season of summer.

“I found this program to be quite interesting and informative. The practice brings you completely into the present moment, and it left me feeling grounded, peaceful, and centered … I would highly recommend this program.” —Carl B., past program participant

“The Five Element Orchard program was wonderful. John and Mary Platt are very knowledgeable about the trees themselves, as well as how to connect with them using qigong movements, postures, and breath.” —Nancy F., past program participant

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John C. Platt holds a teacher certification from the Santa Cruz Chi Center and a Level III Advanced Instructor Certification from the National Qigong Association.

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