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Let’s Talk About Death Exploring Life’s Most Important Conversation

For everyone.

Of the many conversations we have throughout our lifetime, few carry more significance than those about death. How often do we explore our own mortality, what we fear or what we hope for during end-of-life care, and how we want to be remembered? 

What You’ll Experience
• Tools for difficult conversations
• Guided death meditation
• Dying as a process of transformation
• A “death dinner”

Inspired by the loss of their respective parents, Michael Hebb and Angel Grant created Death Over Dinner (#deathdinner) as a vehicle to encourage greater comfort and literacy around the one thing we all have in common. Since its inception in 2013, Death Over Dinner has grown into a global movement and spawned hundreds of thousands of dining experiences, a book titled Let’s Talk About Death, and a series of workshops offering keen insights on how to explore this topic within yourself and with loved ones.

Examine your personal relationship to mortality in this program that includes

  • Uncovering what blocks you from speaking openly about your wishes and engaging in end-of-life conversations with loved ones
  • Ways to see death as a process of transformation rather than a brutal loss
  • Ensuring that your end-of-life documents are complete and your loved ones have a clear understanding of your wishes.
  • A spirited “death dinner” that will illustrate that conversations about death are in fact conversations about how we want to live.

Experience a profound death meditation designed to move you through deep-rooted fears around death into unrepressed freedom. You are guided in a gentle but powerful imagining of your final hours with time to silently reflect and journal if you choose.

This program shares time-tested explorations, ranging from spiritual to practical, from analytical to downright funny. By transforming the most difficult conversations into opportunities, they become celebratory and meaningful—conversations that can not only change the way you die, but give you vitality and a clarified sense of how you want to live.

Recommended reading Michael Hebb, Let’s Talk about Death (over Dinner): An Invitation and Guide to Life's Most Important Conversation.

Read an excerpt from the book.

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Michael Hebb is the founder of deathoverdinner.org, drugsoverdinner.org, womenteachmen.com, and the Living Wake. His second book, Let’s Talk About Death, is forthcoming in October 2018.

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Angel Grant teaches yoga and meditation practices and sharing talks focused on peace with dying, traumas that lead to addictions, and intuition as the driver for our lives.

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