Samantha Cullen

Samantha Cullen, RYT 500, received her 200-hour certification from the 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona. She has continued to teach and train in various styles such as Baron Baptiste hot yoga, and Yin Yoga. She completed her 500-hour certification at Kripalu through the practices of pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, and vinyasa. Samantha is also an outdoor guide for Kripalu R&R Retreats and other Kripalu Signature programs. A writer and an actor/producer, she sees herself as living and working at the intersection of healing and the arts. Her yoga practice is rooted in creating opportunities for both physical and mental shifts, and her hope is to be a catalyst in guiding her students to do the same.


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  • Intuitive Eating

    Geneen Roth's message is "Eat what your body wants when it wants it and stop when you’ve had enough." It's the opposite of what the diet industry tells us.

  • Leading with Love

    The heart space can only be here and now, one beat at a time. That’s the rhythm we hear when we lead with love.