On Campus Program

Reclaim Your Birthright Intuition and Psychic Development


Join founder of MINKA brooklyn, Aki Hirata Baker, MINKA brooklyn teacher Manu Del Prete, and MINKA brooklyn teacher Fumiha Tanaka, for a brand-new on campus offering at Kripalu that teaches you how to harness your raw intuition into real psychic information. 

Through psychic exercises and practice, breathwork, and an optional group life past regression and dream quest, you will:   

  • Learn the difference between psychic reading, mediumship reading, and channeling.
  • Understand how to use your psychic ability to read a situation or a person. 
  • Explore ways to improve your energy flow and intuition. 
  • Identify and practice with the clairs/psychic channels.

Every person has innate abilities and sensitivities for receiving information of psychic nature. Past students of this program have validated their own psychic abilities while discovering the many ways one can be psychic. Return home knowing how to identify your strengths within different expressions of psychic abilities. 

NOTE This program is open and beneficial to all levels of experience. Those who choose not to participate in the past life regression and/or dream quest are invited to walk in nature, journal, or meditate instead. Our approach is fun and uplifting while remaining committed to the craft.  

Included in Your Stay


Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Intuitive Development


Aki Hirata Baker, an initiated medicine woman and moondancer, is the founder of of MINKA brooklyn.

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Manu River Del Prete is an energy healing facilitator and teacher, channeler, psychic ability coach, Galactic Akashic reader, past life regression therapist, and Feng Shui and space clearing practitioner.

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Fumiha Tanaka is a clinical herbalist and flower essence, breathwork, and Reiki practitioner who offers one-on-one sessions and group workshops through MINKA.

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