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Setting Your Heart on Fire A Passionate Practice to Liberate Your Life


"To live in accord with love is to set your heart on fire. In the crucible of such an inferno all convention burns away. What’s left is an entirely new kind of existence, one full of passion, presence and infinite possibility." — Setting Your Heart on Fire

What if you could fall absolutely in love with every moment? What if you could use love's radiance to heal your deepest wounds and break through any personal block—including those related to your career, relationships, family, weight, self-esteem, and addiction? 

Join author and emotional intelligence expert Raphael Cushnir for a program designed to meet you where you are so you can call forth your very best. Through “inner surfing”, gentle movement, and more, learn to

  • Uncover and transform your limiting beliefs
  • Experience all your emotions with willingness and compassion
  • Create a life of greater ease, joy, and exquisite connection.

When we stop trying to change and instead relax into life, we can achieve anything. Return home feeling renewed, with your heart on fire.

Note On Saturday night, the program will host a freestyle dance jam—with Raphael as DJ—for everyone at Kripalu that night. Please pack loose-fitting attire for movement and get ready to shake, swing, and let it all go.

Recommended Reading Raphael Cushnir, Setting Your Heart on Fire and The One Thing Holding You Back

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Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to More Than 100 Acres

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Raphael Cushnir is a leading voice in the world of emotional connection and present-moment awareness and the author of six books.

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