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Well Nourished in Nature Mindful Eating and Living


When we forget that our bodies and minds are part of nature, we inhabit the world of the mind that is preoccupied and engaged with our kleshas—difficult emotions and mind states. By accessing the awareness of our body, mind, and heart as nature, however, we can rest in the peace, resource, balance, joy, and well-being that it offers. 

Join Andrea Lieberstein, author, founder, and director of the Mindful Eating Training Institute, for a program that guides you to explore nature as deep nourishment for your body, mind, and heart. Through key practices and teachings of timeless Buddhist wisdom, mindfulness meditation, somatic practices, and contemporary ecotherapy nature-based practice, you will develop your own nature-based awareness practice that includes

  • Mindful eating 
  • Meditation in nature 
  • Five Elements awareness practice 
  • Deep nature connecting practices 
  • Resting in your true nature in nature  

With the support of Kripalu's beautiful land and delicious nourishing food, this joyful program will help you discover our interconnectedness, and come home to the peace and balance of your own true nature in nature and in daily life.

Note This program includes both inside time and outside time on the land. 

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Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT, is a mindfulness-based dietitian nutritionist, meditation teacher, mindful eating expert, speaker, retreat leader, teacher trainer, and author of Well Nourished.

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