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  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Embody: Feel, Heal, And Transform Through Movement
A JourneyDance Experience

Toni Bergins

  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

Fall Magic
Exploring Intuition, Elements, and Energy

Cynthia Papa-Lentini

Beth Grace

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

The Peaceful Warrior Experience
A Direct Path to Your Best Life

Dan Millman

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

The Way of Miracles
Accessing Your Superconsciousness

Mark Mincolla

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Healing the Healer
A Mind-Body Retreat for EMDR Therapists

Erika Tsoukanelis

  • Monday-Friday: 4 nights
  • On Campus

Liberated Expression Through Dance

Yuval Samburski

  • Sunday-Wednesday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Reclaim Your Creativity

Steven Hosking

Laura Dickstein Thompson

  • Online

30 Days of Connection
A Free 30-Day Journal Series with Jess Frey

Jess Frey