4 Things Millennials Will Love at Kripalu

by Cleo Stiller

When I was a stressed-out senior in college, my mother dragged me kicking and screaming to a yoga retreat center in the middle of the Berkshires called Kripalu. I had never heard of it. The name sounded a little hippy-dippy, to be honest, plus it was a dry campus and it promised multiple days on end alone with my … mom! Yikes.

That was more than 10 years ago. And since then, I’ve come to Kripalu every single year with my mother (save for COVID-19's impact, of course). It’s nurtured our relationship and made it better. But beyond that, Kripalu has changed my relationship with myself.

Over the years, I’ve undergone tremendous personal growth while at Kripalu. One year, I quit smoking cigarettes (I know, I know). The next year, I became a vegetarian. The year after that, I quit coffee. And another year, I learned to live in my body and dance joyously to music, literally not caring what anyone who sees me thinks—this can look quite odd in Central Park, but reader, I do not care! These are all incredible, tremendous gifts that Kripalu has given me. (Also for those of you wondering, I drink coffee again, but much more mindfully.)

Kripalu is popular among those in their middle life stages, but I am here to tell you that what the retreat center offers will strike a deep chord with many of my peers.

Now, every millennial knows that we are a diverse group that cannot be reduced to latte orders and avocado toast! Nevertheless, let me offer four things most millennials will love about Kripalu.

1. The Personalized, Individualized, Bespoke, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Schedule

One true thing about millennials? We like to personalize, individualize, and customize every experience we have, from our app settings to our getaway trips.

The beautiful thing about Kripalu is that you can do everything or nothing. From the minute you arrive, there are multitudes of options. You might start with a 6:30 am yoga class, a morning walk on the gorgeous grounds, or breakfast at 7:00. Or, you can do none of that. You can sleep in, skip breakfast, and head up to a beautiful, quiet, and serene Sun Room on the fourth floor to read all day, undisturbed.

Workshop offerings include sharing circles, lectures about wellness tips and Ayurvedic health, meditation tutorials, and more. Again, you can do all—or you can do none! Or you can plan to do some and then find yourself on an afternoon hike.

Some years I’ve been super active, filling my time with physical activities and intellectually stimulating workshops. Other years, I’ve come to Kripalu exhausted and depleted, and spent the majority of my time resting, reading, and journaling. No year is better or worse than the one before it. Each year, I get exactly what I need.

2. The Nature

I can truly say that the scenic views at Kripalu are awe inspiring. Even during the winter, when I rarely leave the building, looking out on the massive, rolling hills reminds me that I am home. I am held. I am in community with the natural space around me.

And you can have this experience while walking on the more than 100 acres of Kripalu land—or while huddled in a blanket looking out the window. Tulum can wait. This is more important.

3. The Food

Hands down one of my favorite parts of the Kripalu experience is what comes out of the Kripalu Kitchen. Ingredients are locally sourced and bountifully and beautifully supplied, and the menu is seasonal and deliciously seasoned. You can pile your plate with cabbage, kale, turkey burgers, roasted sweet potato fries—and if you’re a condiment person like I am, this is the place for you!

4. Unplugging

Aside from our love of customization, our devotion to our devices is the other thing that unites millennials. I have a personal rule when I’m a guest at Kripalu: I leave my phone in my room during the day, and check it only at night. I know other people my age who come here and turn off their phones the whole time they’re here. (Others carry it around in their pocket to snap Instagramable pictures throughout the day in areas of the center where electronics are permitted.) Now, Kripalu's new digital policy will make it easier for you to drop in and unplug. 

You might have noticed that all of these amenities and activities would likely appeal to anyone, of any age—so what about these five are specifically millennial, you ask? None of them. Because if there’s one thing that unites millennials, it’s our vehement dislike of being told we’re different than previous generations. #amirite?

(Full disclosure, dear reader: After years of being a devoted Kripalu attendee, I am now the center’s Social Media and Digital Content Strategist. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)