At Kripalu, as part of our mission of service, we feel a responsibility to provide guidance from discomfort to action through Yoga’s ancient wisdom. It is also a way of being true to the philosophy’s intent and to the values that originated from South Asia centuries ago to help create a better, more peaceful world. 

This is a time for change. This is our opportunity. This is Yoga.

by Barbara Vacarr, CEO

Avoiding burnout is always important for those who serve, especially in these most challenging and stressful times. Yogic philosophy, specifically what we call ‘yoga off the mat’, gives us several effective ways to practice mindfulness. In particular, we can turn to the Niyamas for guidance.

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For Seane Corn and Kerri Kelly, social activism aligns closely with the foundations of yoga. They offered these steps for mindfully engaging.
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Instead of becoming entangled in the bitterness and cynicism that exist externally, we need to begin to heal those qualities within ourselves.
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The teachings we have been given and the compassion we have shared, are exactly what we need to find our way through this wild time of upheaval and re-creation.
by Aruni Nan Futuronsky


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