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Eliminate Shoulder and Neck Pain Fix Text Neck


Discover the power of your breath to fix "text neck" and get rid of shoulder and neck pain. Forward head posture can cause neck and shoulder pain and also diminish blood flow to your brain causing possible cognitive decline. Join Michaelle Edwards, creator of YogAlign and FitAlign posture training, and learn effective techniques to correct dysfunctional posture habitsThrough experiential, educational, and fun exercises, you will

  • Learn to use the movements of your breath to align your skull with your spine
  • Improve your balance and mood, enhance your appearance, and increase physical and mental energy
  • Practice movements that tone your neck and strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Your whole body and mind will benefit from this course. You will gain self help tools to correct text neck and you will leave Kripalu feeling energized, youthful, and pain-free.

Note These comfortable, functional exercises and body positions are safe, easy to do, and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Yoga teachers, massage therapists, coaches, and workshop leaders may find these techniques to be particularly valuable and useful for their students and clients. 

Note Bring yoga clothes and a top that shows your spine and rib cage alignment. All participants have the option to be photographed on day 1 and day 5 of the program to track postural changes. Visit yogalign.com to view before and after images that reveal its transformative power.

Recommended reading Michaelle Edwards, YogAlign: Pain-Free Yoga from Your Inner Core.

Want to go deeper?

Michaelle Edwards is also offering a week-long program, Change Your Posture, Change Your Life with YogAlign, May 21–26, 2023.

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3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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FitAlign is the secret to better posture, core fitness and a pain free life


Michaelle Edwards, E-RYT 500, LMT, creator of YogAlign, is a massage therapist, musician, author, and director of the Kauai Yoga School.

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