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Feminine Wisdom Weekend Super Powers for Staying Strong and True to Yourself

For women.

Take a midyear “power pause” and give yourself the space to reflect, realign, and refocus how you want to spend your time, energy, and resources for the rest of the year—in your work, relationships, and personal wellness. This is an interactive, illuminating experience for women who courageously desire to follow their heart, do things differently, and would love a boost of courage and wisdom to light the way. Imagine having super powers that give you the inner strength and faith to follow your heart’s wisdom, even when it seems crazy. Imagine having the clarity and confidence to face uncertainty, conjure up courage, and stride into the unknown, one bold, mighty step at a time.

Come learn how to apply feminine and yogic wisdom, practices, and tools that give you the super powers to

  • Elevate out of the swirl when you get overwhelmed or sucked into the frenzy
  • Access deeper levels of your innate feminine wisdom to guide your choices
  • Conjure up courage to create the life you desire, even in the face of fear and uncertainty
  • Keep your vitality strong with a practice that takes less than 11 minutes a day
  • Stay focused on what matters instead trying to do it all.

Return home with a set of daily practices and a personalized wisdom-led plan for the rest of the year, so you can maintain the wisdom gained from this program and make the sustainable shifts you desire in your life.

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“So Inspiring! Just the catalyst I need to propel myself to choose a new path and let myself experience true connection and emotion with other women as witnesses.” — Andrea, New York

“Feminine Wisdom Weekend was the gift I gave myself, but what I ended up learning was more than a gift. It was an awakening." —Gina, Vermont

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Yoga Experience
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Women Only
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All Self-Discovery

A Message from Christine


Christine Arylo is founder of The Path of Self Love School, a social impact organization whose programs focus on teaching people how to create a strong inner foundation of self-love.

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