• March 8–13, 2020
  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights

Stillness, Presence, and Inner Listening: Grounded in Gratitude

For everyone.

When you are busy and overwhelmed, you miss out on the transformative power of listening with presence. Mindfulness teacher Kelly Boys invites you to take time to slow down, pause, and listen deeply to what is most real and needed in your life.

Just beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, there is a storehouse of messages waiting to be delivered and read with care. It’s this layer of the psyche and heart that you investigate in this introspective program. Through seated meditation, yoga nidra, guided relaxation and inquiry practice, journaling, dyad exercises, and group dialogues, you

  • Reconnect with inner stillness
  • Get grounded in a felt sense of gratitude and community
  • Discover what areas of your life may benefit from kind, loving attention.

Whether you find yourself at a pivotal crossroad and are looking for clear direction, need a break to access your true essence, or seek time for rejuvenation, this program is for you.

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Kelly Boys, a mindfulness trainer and author of The Blind Spot Effect, is the founding advisor for the meditation app Simple Habit.

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