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  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Practical Magic for Real Life
Activating Your Intuition

Beth Grace

Cynthia Papa-Lentini

  • Online

The Embrace of Saraswati
Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Acharya Shunya

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Channeling the Psychic Within

Bill Philipps

  • Monday-Thursday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Reclaim Your Birthright
Intuition and Psychic Development

Manu River Del Prete

Fumiha Tanaka

  • Friday-Monday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Human Flourishing

Michael Lee

  • Online

The Heroic Journey
A Life of Valor, Authenticity, Courage and Purpose

Maria Sirois

  • Online

The Art of Reiki, Levels 1 & 2

Libby Barnett

  • Friday-Monday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

The Fundamentals of Nature
The Art and Science of Breathing and Cold Exposure

Samuel Whiting