Highlights from Women’s Week at Kripalu

Our groundbreaking week of womxn-only programming yielded so much conversation, community-building, food for thought, and hope for the future. Here's a glimpse of three of the keynotes. The beautiful webs you see in the background are Sacred Dream Circles created by Zelda Hotaling and on display in the Main Hall throughout the week. 

A glimpse of the week ....

In this excerpt from her keynote, Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International, speaks about the beginning of her story as an activist.

During her keynote, civil rights activist Valarie Kaur described her moving vision of a nation on the cusp of a powerful shift.

The week also featured a keynote with Seane Corn, founder of the community service organization Off the Mat, Into the World®, speaking about evolution as revolution.

Watch now.