Our Top 10 Recipes

Your favorite recipes from the Kripalu Kitchen cover every section of the menu, from sides to mains to sweet treats.

Kripalu Recipe: Nourishing Kitchari

Kitchari, traditionally made of yellow mung dal and basmati rice, along with digestive spices and ghee, is used as a cleansing and detoxifying food in Ayurveda.

Kripalu Recipe: Immunity-Building Ojas Milk

This delicious and comforting drink helps build the life-sustaining vitality that promotes immunity.

Kripalu Recipe: Spring Pea and Mint Soup

With fresh mint and spring peas, this vibrant green, silky-smooth soup is an homage to the season of rebirth.

Kripalu Recipe: Ginger Turmeric Tea

Stoke your digestion and strengthen your immune system this winter with a mug of this healing tea.

Kripalu Recipe: House Dressing

Our House Dressing has been a guest favorite for years. Enjoy it over salads or steamed vegetables.

Kripalu Recipe: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chock full of carrots, walnuts, and raisins.

Kripalu Recipe: Ginger Scones

Whenever we serve our ginger scones for breakfast, there are tons of requests for the recipe.

Kripalu Recipes: Ayurvedic Elixirs for Your Dosha

Support your constitution with these nutritious, dosha-balancing elixirs from Larissa Hall Carlson, Kripalu Schools faculty and former Dean of the Kripalu...

Kripalu Recipe: Chai

Here's Kripalu's beloved version of classic masala chai, meaning "spiced tea."

Nov 17, 2020

Kripalu Recipe: Spiced Squash Ginger Bisque

Enjoy this vegan, spicy version of classic pumpkin soup.

Jan 11, 2021

Kripalu Recipe: OMG Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Kripalu's famous OMG Chocolate Cherry Cookie recipe revealed at last.