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Intuition Ignited Awaken Your Intuition to Positive Change

Imagine implicitly trusting your intuition, never doubting yourself, and being in a place where you listen to your gut. Join Laura Lynne Jackson in a healing program designed to infuse your life with newfound confidence. Come foster connection with your “Team of Light” on the Other Side and activate your psychic abilities to build a life of connection, clarity, and awakening.

Tap into your innate powers with practices that help you

  • Learn about the four Cs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance
  • Establish a connection with your spirit guides
  • Receive messages from the Other Side
  • Take inspired action in manifesting your dreams.

Come prepared to forge a light-filled path while awakening to your highest potential.

Note Bring an object that belonged to someone who has crossed over (or someone still living, if you don't have one from someone who has crossed) and three magazines that resonate with you that you don't mind cutting up. Wear comfortable clothes for gentle movement.

Recommended reading Laura Lynne Jackson, The Light Between Us and Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

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Laura Lynne Jackson, international speaker, teacher, and psychic medium, is author of The Light Between Us and Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe.

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