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Transformational Leadership A Nonprofit Leaders Retreat


Join Kripalu CEO's Robert Mulhall, Director of Creative Strategy and Programming Eset Rose, and Lead Kripalu Faculty Edi Pasalis, for a five-day, on campus program open to leaders of nonprofit organizations. This program offers the space, activities, and materials to explore your own leadership, as well as your being and potential.

Through a variety of techniques (and in a completely PowerPoint free zone!), you will experience 

  • Individual reflection, co-coaching, contemplation, team exercises, discussion
  • The quiet of a retreat with the activity of experiential leadership development
  • The space to explore, experiment, and reflect on your leadership.

Together, we will also examine the fundamental aspects of leadership—what we do as leaders, who we are, and how we show up.

NOTE Thanks to the generosity of our donors, accepted leaders will have the opportunity to attend this program free of charge. The program is fully immersive and participants should plan to attend the entire event. 

Who is this retreat for?

The Transformational Leadership Retreat is designed for nonprofit leaders who want to continue to grow, develop, and bring about change for good—and live by the belief that leadership is motivated by purpose.

What will be covered?

The retreat will adapt to the needs that emerge, and is designed to explore the following:

  • Purpose: How is it living in me? What assists and what prevents me from being purposeful?
  • Presence: What is presence? How can I develop presence? How can I unlock my creativity?
  • Emotional Agility: How can I take a position and stay open to other possibilities? How do I not get emotionally hooked?
  • Resilience and well-being: How can I sustain high performance over time, keep myself fresh, and maintain the energy to lead?
  • Generating collective creativity: How can we foster creativity in teams? How can we be open to wide ideas and inputs, and avoid the echo chamber?
  • Systems thinking and transformation: How can we transform systems to change outcomes? How can we work skillfully in systems?

Program at a Glance

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October 1–6, 2022
February 4–9, 2024

Robert Mulhall is the CEO of Kripalu. He is passionate about service and deeply curious about how people can facilitate sustainable transformation to enable more peace, justice, and freedom in our world.

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October 1–6, 2022
February 4–9, 2024

Eset Rose, Director of Creative Strategy and Programming, is a multidimensional artist, warrior, and teacher of transformation and healing.

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October 1–6, 2022
February 4–9, 2024

Edi Pasalis has been learning, growing, and serving through yoga for over 25 years. Prior to becoming a lead faculty member at Kripalu, Edi spent a decade on the Kripalu Leadership team which helped birth RISE™.

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