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  • Online

Women Food and God

Geneen Roth

  • Sunday-Wednesday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Vibrant Women of Color
A Creative Wellness Retreat for Artists and Entrepreneurs

Paris Alexandra

Melba Nicholson Sullivan

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Tantra Mantra Meditation Retreat
The Yoga of Happiness

Todd Norian

  • Online

Ayurveda for Women
Healthy Hormones in Perimenopause and Menopause

Kate O’Donnell

  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

Integrated Energy Therapy®

Barbara Stepniak

Denise Becker

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Mother’s Legacy
A Healing and Self-Discovery Retreat

Lauren Walker

Hilary Crowley

Dr. Heather Tallman Ruhm

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Mothers, Daughters, and the Heroic Journey

Meg Agnew

Lindsay Davison

Annika Tara Hansche

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Mother-Daughter Yoga Weekend

Laura Ahrens

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

The Heart of Being a Teen
A Transformational Workshop for Ages 12-16

Missy Brown

  • Tuesday-Friday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Reclaim Your Creativity

Steven Hosking

Laura Dickstein Thompson