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  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

Come Home To Yourself
A Summer Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Stephen Cope

Missy Brown

  • Online

The Dharma of Difficult Times
An Online Book Club

Anandamai Charlyn Reihman

Stephen Cope

  • Online

The Embrace of Saraswati
Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Acharya Shunya

  • Sunday-Wednesday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Modern Alchemy of the Heart
Thriving in Sacred Purpose

Adora Winquist

  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

Developing a Sustainable Practice
Breathwork, Meditation, and Om Yoga

Cyndi Lee

  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

Abandonment to Healing Intensive
Improve Relationships and Overcome Your Patterns of Self-Sabotage

Susan Anderson

  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

The Kripalu Silent Retreat

Jess Frey

Edi Pasalis

  • Sunday-Tuesday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

The Art and Science of Appreciative Living in a Difficult World

Maria Sirois

  • Thursday-Sunday: 3 nights
  • On Campus

Yoga Of Intimacy
The Spiritual Path of Intimate Relationship

Justin Patrick Pierce

Londin Angel Winters