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  • Online

The Full Scope of Yoga
The Livestream Experience

Rodney Yee

Colleen Saidman Yee

  • Online

A Queer Dharma: Yoga and Meditations for Liberation
A Four-Week Online Book Club

Jacoby Ballard

Yuval Samburski

Jurian Hughes

  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights
  • On Campus

There is Nothing to Fix
Becoming Whole Through Radical Self-Acceptance

Suzanne Jones

  • Online

Between the Lines
Conversations to Ignite Collective Change

Robert Mulhall

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Chant Your Way to Freedom

Miles Borrero

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Loving Touch Couples Thai Massage
Deepen Your Love

Shai Plonski

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

Dynamic Gentle Yoga and Breath Practice
Steady Breath, Steady Mind 

Rudy Peirce

  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights
  • On Campus

The Kripalu Silent Retreat

Jess Frey

Edi Pasalis

  • Friday-Sunday: 9 nights
  • On Campus

Guiding Meditation for Transformational Yoga Teaching
300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Christopher Holmes

Michelle Dalbec

  • Monday-Friday: 4 nights
  • On Campus

Summer Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

Erin Casperson

Susan Wrba