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Alumni Spotlights

Find out how the graduates of the Kripalu Schools are making an impact in their communities and in the world.

“Dear Trusted Adult ...”

Middle school teacher Leila Kubesch recognized the trauma in her students’ silence and solitude. She started looking for therapeutic remedies she could apply, and she found Kripalu Yoga.

Sharing Yoga Wherever He Goes

Whether he’s teaching yoga to military veterans, leading a classes at Christian men’s retreats, or helping Girl Scouts earn their yoga patches, Stephen Redmon meets his students where they are.

Rooted on the Earth: My Teacher Training Journey

M.Patricia Diaz came to Kripalu for yoga teacher training on her 30th anniversary of being cancer free.

A Path to Freedom: An Unexpected Journey in the Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Daneen had been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for more than three years when she enrolled in the Ayurvedic Health Counselor training.

Teaching in the Reset Zone

When Kripalu Yoga teacher Heather Skoll took a break from classes for the summer, she knew her students would miss the yoga—a lot. That's when she came up with the idea for an app.

Planting Seeds of Self-Compassion

Growing up as a Deaf woman, Sara Dugas intuitively knew the importance of connecting to her inner self, but she didn’t know how.

Finding and Sharing the Inner Smile

Omar Ananías didn’t start practicing yoga because he liked it. It was the opposite—he hated it.

Building Strength for the Good Fight

Leila Sadat is using her yoga mat as a launching pad for creating a more peaceful world.

When the Road from Teacher Training Doesn’t End with Teaching

Kathleen Gibbons left yoga teacher training with the intention to transform her work and life as a yoga teacher. It didn't work out quite that way.

Love and Loss, On and Off the Mat

When Carol Shwidock's husband needed a liver transplant, she told him she'd do it—if he came to Kripalu with her.

Coming Back to Life with Ayurveda

Kerry Harling spent years being diagnosed with a myriad of diseases. And then she discovered Ayurveda.

Bringing Healing from Kripalu to Rwanda

On his first visit to the Rwandan capital—immediately after completing Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training—Steve Terrill brought people together to practice yoga and listen to each other’s stories.

Down Dog, Up Dog

Stephanie Knox Cubbon took yoga teacher training because yoga transformed her life and she wanted to share the gifts—with both people and their pets.