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Listen in and enjoy inspirational thoughts from Kripalu faculty and invited presenters—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health, and personal growth.

Kripalu Perspectives interviews are produced and conducted by Portland Helmich.

Portland Helmich

Portland Helmich has been investigating natural health and healing for more than 15 years, as a...

Kripalu Perspectives: Vibrant Health at Any Age, with Peggy Cappy

Listen in and enjoy inspirational thoughts from Kripalu faculty and invited presenters—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health,...

Kripalu Perspectives: The Path of the Peaceful Warrior, with Dan Millman

Listen in and enjoy inspirational thoughts from Kripalu faculty and invited presenters—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health,...

Kripalu Perspectives: Mothers and Daughters Find Union in Yoga with Sarahjoy Marsh

Yoga teacher and author Sarahjoy Marsh discusses how yoga can be an incredibly bonding experience between mothers and daughters.

Kripalu Perspectives: Ancient Healing for Women’s Health with Dr. Claudia Welch

Find out how tools from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine can impact women’s health.

Kripalu Perspectives: Yoga and the Pursuit of Happiness with Sam Chase

Yoga teacher Sam Chase tackles the topic of happiness in this edition of Kripalu Perspectives.

Kripalu Perspectives: Aging Youthfully, with Tao Porchon-Lynch

Master yoga instructor Tao Porchon-Lynch discusses her lifelong passion for yoga and shares her timeless tips on aging well.

Kripalu Perspectives: Becoming a Yoga Teacher, with Micah Mortali

Micah Mortali, Director of the Kripalu Schools, talks about the journey that led him to becoming a Kripalu Yoga teacher.

Kripalu Perspectives: Breathing Deeply, Living Fully with Larissa Hall Carlson

Portland Helmich talks with former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda Larissa Hall Carlson about pranayama and its numerous physical and emotional benefits.

Kripalu Perspectives: Chanting, Awakening,and Kundalini Yoga with Snatam Kaur

Best-selling chant artist and Kundalini Yoga teacher Snatam Kaur reveals how chanting can help us listen more deeply to our inner voice and to those around us.

Kripalu Perspectives: Core Strength from the Inside Out with Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, shares her insights on how connecting to our core, both physically and emotionally, can help guide us...

Kripalu Perspectives: Everything's Zen with Karen Maezen Miller

Karen Maezen Miller, a Zen priest, teacher, and parent, discusses how to incorporate the straightforward wisdom of Zen into everyday life.

Kripalu Perspectives: Slowing Down with Maria Sirois

Portland Helmich talks with Maria Sirois, inspirational teacher and psychologist, about how to slow down, and why it's so important.

Kripalu Perspectives: Movement, Dance, and Healing with Daniel Leven

Dan Leven discusses how dance engages the brain, opens the heart, and fosters vitality in people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience.

Kripalu Perspectives: Generosity and Yoga with Stephen Cope

Portland Helmich talks with psychotherapist, Kripalu Yoga teacher, and author Stephen Cope, who describes how yoga practice goes beyond physical gain to...

Kripalu Perspectives: Harmony, Balance, and Ayurveda with Hilary Garivaltis

Portland Helmich talks with Hilary Garivaltis, former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, about Ayurveda and how this powerful and proven holistic health...

Kripalu Perspectives: Unlocking Creativity with Eric Maisel

Host Portland Helmich talks with author and creativity coach Eric Maisel about how we all have the ability to manifest our potential through self-expression.

Kripalu Perspectives: Whole-Body Health with Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, medical director of the UltraWellness Center, discusses how treating the system and not just the symptom can help heal chronic conditions and...

Kripalu Perspectives: Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul with Deepak Chopra

Author, speaker, and spiritual luminary Deepak Chopra offers tools for deep, embodied transformation.

Kripalu Perspectives: Trauma, Yoga, and the Road to Recovery with Dana Moore

Psychotherapist and Kripalu Yoga teacher Dana Moore discusses the neuroscience behind trauma and how mindfulness practices and body-centered modalites, such...

Kripalu Perspectives: Radiant Women, Radiant Health with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

Senior Kripalu Yoga teacher Sudha Carolyn Lundeen addresses some of the key health issues affecting women today, and how the self-nurturing practices of...

Kripalu Perspectives: Introduction to Meditation with David Nichtern

David Nichtern discusses the principles of mindfulness meditation, or shamatha.

Kripalu Perspectives: The High Art of Intimacy with Kate and Joel Feldman

The Feldmans discuss the intricacies of building love and trust in relationships, offer insight as to how yoga practices can help couples grow, and give tips...

Kripalu Perspectives: Feel the Vibration with Panache Desai

Panache Desai defines vibrational transformation, and explains why we're all infinite beings with infinite possibilities.

Kripalu Perspectives: Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease with Lisa Nelson

Lisa B. Nelson names the three biggest risk factors for heart disease, and discusses techniques that can prevent and even reverse the effects of heart...

Kripalu Perspectives: Integrative Nutrition with Kathie Madonna Swift

Kathie Madonna Swift discusses how nutrition can influence our genetic makeup, the ways food affects mood, and the satisfaction that comes from cooking at...

Kripalu Perspectives: Yoga and Meditation for Recovery with Rolf Gates

Rolf Gates, a yoga teacher and former social worker trained in the field of addiction, tells us how the practices of yoga and meditation can help those in...

Kripalu Perspectives: Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles with Rachel Schaeffer

Rachel Schaeffer, a Kripalu Yoga teacher and author, describes the 12 spiritual muscles, and how to tone and strengthen them to experience your yoga practice...

Kripalu Perspectives: Hardwiring Happiness with Rick Hanson

Neuroscientist and author Rick Hanson discusses powerful healing methods that combine the latest brain science with the wisdom of contemplative practice, and...

Kripalu Perspectives: Yoga, Skillfulness, and Finding Your Voice with Kofi Busia

Kofi Busia shares his insights on how the alignment-driven practice of Iyengar Yoga can help us to develop more skillfulness on the mat and deeper awareness...

Kripalu Perspectives: Power in Practice with Bryan Kest

Power Yoga innovator Bryan Kest discusses how a physically potent yoga practice is not just a great workout but also a profound mind-body experience.

Kripalu Perspectives: Heart Wisdom and Kundalini Yoga with Kia Miller

Kia Miller discusses heart connection and self-realization through Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Kripalu Perspectives: Retreat into Relaxation with Jennifer Reis

Kripalu Yoga teacher Jennifer Reis discusses how tools such as yoga nidra can nourish the whole being through slowing down, letting go, and tuning in.

Kripalu Perspectives: Food, Glorious Food! with Jeremy Rock Smith

Kripalu Executive Chef Jeremy Rock Smith discusses how food nourishes us not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Kripalu Perspectives: The Gentle Strength of Qigong with Yang Yang

Qigong master Yang Yang discusses how low-impact qigong can yield high results for your health and well-being.

Kripalu Perspectives: Shamanism for Empowerment with Ray Crist

Ray Crist discusses how shamanic tools and principles can infuse greater meaning into both your yoga practice and your life.

Kripalu Perspectives: The Art of Meditation in Motion with Sarajean Rudman

Sarajean Rudman talks about how you can cultivate deeply meditative experiences while enjoying vigorous outdoor activities such as running.

Kripalu Perspectives: Overcoming Trauma with Bessel van der Kolk

Clinical psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk defines trauma and discusses how yoga and other mindfulness practices can foster compassionate self-observation in...

Kripalu Perspectives: Unraveling Zentangle with Martha Huggins and Molly Hollibaugh

Martha Huggins and Molly Hollibaugh discuss how you can uncover your creativity through the hugely popular Zentangle method.

Sep 30, 2016

Kripalu Perspectives: Learning to Adore Your Body with Erica Mather

Erica Mather speaks with host Portland Helmich about what body confidence really means, her own struggles with body image, and how yoga launched her on a...

Kripalu Perspectives: Dance, Yoga, Dance with Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Portland Helmich talks with Megha Nancy Buttenheim, founding director of Let Your Yoga Dance® LLC..

Kripalu Perspectives: Yoga for Athletes with Sage Rountree

From building flexibility and balance to sharpening mental focus, yoga has become an instrumental component of many athletes' training regimens....

Kripalu Perspectives: The Healing Power of Qigong with Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis discusses qigong, an ancient holistic system that blends Chinese medicine, deep breathing, stretching, self-massage, and sound to enhance...

Kripalu Perspectives: Absolutely Positive, with Megan McDonough

Listen in and enjoy inspirational thoughts from Kripalu faculty and invited presenters—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health,...

Kripalu Perspectives: The Yoga of Voice with Jurian Hughes

Jurian Hughes describes how, through postures, affirmations, chanting, and simply breathing, we can unlock the freedom that allows us to create more joy,...

Kripalu Perspectives: Breath and Self-Discovery with Stanislav Grof

Listen in and enjoy inspirational thoughts from Kripalu faculty and invited presenters—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health,...